Make Sure Your Jewelry Shines

Make Sure Your Jewelry Shines

Bring in your jewelry for a professional cleaning

Over time, your jewelry can tarnish and get nicked or scratched. If you want to keep your jewelry in perfect shape, bring it to the Jewelry Doctors. We'll clean and polish your jewelry carefully to help it look its best. We provide free cleaning inspections before every job and always clean to your satisfaction.

Call 806-351-0264 now if you need jewelry repaired or cleaned.

Refurbishing all your jewelry

You always want to take care of your jewelry. These expensive pieces require delicate care to look their best. If your jewelry needs a little attention, trust our experts. We can:

  • Retip rings
  • Clean rings
  • Polish jewelry
  • Resize jewelry
  • Create new stone settings

Whether you want to give an old ring new life with a new setting or polish an old necklace, you can trust us to get the job done right. Email us today if you have a piece you'd like us to look at.